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Japanese Air Raid On Port Moresby

New Guinea Campaign
Mission: Link air, naval and land action in a campaign context
Game #1
October 23, 1942/2019
Japanese 1st. Wave Air Attack On Port Moresby, New Guinea

Port Moresby Aerodrome and Harbour On The Southeast Side of New Guinea

Port Moresby Radio Broadcast:
According to a spokesman at Royal Australian Air Force {RAAF} Headquarters....

On October 23, 1942/2019 Japanese aircraft were intercepted north of Port Moresby. Spotters estimated there were four Betty medium bombers escorted by three Zeroes.

One Betty Bomber was shot down with the loss of the crew.

Fighter Command regrets the loss of three Hurricanes and crews. These were Captain Braverman, Lieutenant O'Connor and Sergeant Maxwell.

Two of the three Hurricanes lost. The downed Betty is in the distance.

However, the American pilot, Captain Gable, was able to return to the aerodrome after the loss of the engine in his P40E. He is alright and expects to be ready to fly again tomorrow.

Surviving bombers presumably returned to Rabaul on the Island of New Britain after inflicting moderate damage to petrol storage tank facilities in the harbour area. Escorting Zeroes returned on a northwesterly heading in the direction of Lae on the northeast side of the island.

Buel Fuels reports both their petrol storage tanks were destroyed. 

Civilians report no loss to property or life though AA batteries maintained prodigious fire.

Fighter Command has ordered outlying airfields to send more Hurricanes to Port Moresby. Asked if new raids are expected, the answer was, "Yes."

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First Wave Pilots:
Japanese: Dale F. (Betty Bombers) and Chuck S. (Saburo Sakai and Zeroes)
Allied Pilot: Bill P.

Aircraft are 1/285 or 1/300 scale. Hurricanes are from our Battle of Britain games.
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