Monday, May 29, 2023



3 JUNE 1943/2023

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"Well they are finally coming here even in these high seas." Private Kenda.

Heavy Allied ships did not sail The Bismarck Sea north of New Guinea. Narrow channels, numerous Japanese airfields to the northeast and frequent mauling of Japanese shipping by US and Australian air assets meant the area was an Allied Sea. Besides Admiral Nimitz would not permit his larger ships to operate here.

"Lt. Kubacki, radio Rabaul, Allied landings possibly expected soon supporting Australian forces pressing us overland from the west and south. Situation untenable. Operation Sunrise will commence at daybreak on 3 June 1943."

"Hai, Colonel Takahashi."

"Hai, I repeat. Sunrise is at 5am on 3 June 1943."

"Operation Charade will gain another airfield to control The Bismarck Sea to further interdict the Japanese reinforcing and resupplying western New Guinea," remarked General MacArthur.

"Takahashi's trapped regiment at Muna-Boa is all that stands in our way, answered General Pettygree.

"The airstrip will need enlarging," said Pettygree.

"Muna-Boa west of the airstrip though enclosed and surrounded by tall grasses so prominent in these parts should fall once Charade is in full swing, eh Pettygree?" 

"My Sandhurst Debate Team defined should as, ought to but not necessarily can or will, Sir."

"True, but I have confidence the Australians will close the trap on Takahashi especially when Colonel Bearing arrives. However, we'll not tally a victory this soon. Poor form," remarked the American General.
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1. Muna-Boa is an imagineered tabletop historical miniatures wargame scheduled for 3 June 1943/2023 for a small number of local pards. This short newsreel preps them for the game.

2. Inspiration came from James P. Duffy's 2016 book, WAR AT THE END OF THE WORLD. Douglas MacArthur and the Forgotten Fight for New Guinea 1942-1945. This many years after the end of WWII, he amassed an amazing amount of new material for our greater understanding of General MacArthur and his operations on New Guinea.

3. General Pettygree will be on hand arriving in a Dakota C-47 as soon as practicable, God willing, of course reporting in his usual style for you.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023


Readers are most likely familiar with prodigious WWII naval bombardments and the destruction intended ashore. Numerous Pacific Theatre battles may come to mind as the Allies recovered lost islands and territories into August 1945.

However, D-Day's thunderous salvoes sent into Normandy on June 6, 1944 may come more easily to mind. I recently watched The Longest Day again thinking about terrible destruction, death, shock and deafness intended for coastal defenders. It consumed every fiber of their being. How could it not?

It got me to thinking about the minute by minute bombardment consuming us daily. What is it doing to us? Why do we allow it --- such as?

Overdoing texting, emailing, social media, screen time at and off of work, video games, addictions, pursuit of experiences, television, workaholic and/or newsaholic behaviors, too busy for interaction with family and friends, the disappearance of quiet time and more. How about allowing cell phones to disturb family chow time, sleep or precious unrecoverable time with our children/grandchildren? 

My Marketing Director, Michael,  tells a story about an ice skating practice. He sat in the stands watching his child skate. His cell phone was intentionally someplace else so he could be in the moment with his offspring. However,  a nearby mom was immersed constantly on a cell phone. Her daughter then had an issue with a skate. The mom did not hear multiple pleas for mom's help because screen time was more important. Michael soon got the mom's attention.

One more thing as Easter nears. The most important negative dynamic is....

There is insufficient silence for us to hear the voice of Jesus in many different ways. 

"And get to know me."

"Come and follow me."

It's Time To Go Home.

Every Blessing and Happy Easter Everyone!

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It’s Time To Come Home Whether You

·         Retired from the Catholic or your Faith tradition (Understandable)

·         Have remained home since Covid (You aren’t alone)

·         Want to learn about Catholicism (Founded 2,000 years ago in the year 33)

·         Hear an almost silent voice inviting you (Saying come)

·         Aren’t sure, distrustful, hurt, don't believe or too busy (Come anyway)

·         Think Catholicism is unbiblical (It is scripturally biblical)

Don’t think you are welcome (You Are Welcome!)  

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