Friday, May 10, 2019

Tank Squadron Tanaka

Date: May 4, 1937/2019
Location: Fictional Desperatu Island, Philippines
Situation: Plan Orange Land Action
Scenario: Japanese Invasion and USA Defense

Plan Orange
The USA and The Empire of Japan had a contingency war plan versus each other in the 1930s. Our what-if adapts this to our tabletop in The West Central Pacific.

Orange #1
October 1936/2018: Opening naval battle northwest of The Philippines. IJN resounding victory.

Orange #2
After the IJN naval win, occupation of The Philippines came next. The previous story Defeated Not Humiliated told part of that story; USA fighting retreat around Port Morgan.

And now, we continue with Captain Tanaka's pursuit of the Americans.

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"Keitaro! Captain Tanaka asks if you see anything yet."

"Nothing Ryoichi. Just logs blocking the fords along Palopom Creek."

"What's that? --- Nothing. --- Where are the Americans? --- Gone?"

"Alright that's enough. Time to move out. Get the tanks underway." 

Tank engine exhaust soon arose within Santa Margarita from
Tanaka's four HA GO light and three CHI HA medium tanks.

Lieutenant Oshiro led the way.

Crossing the creek was not without incident.
The track of one HA GO was disabled by American 37mm AP rounds.
Unable to advance, the crew bailed out in a disagreeable mood.

The Americans though had been flushed from cover and...
Tanaka's squadron pushed on.

Two American Stuart tanks could not survive versus the volume of enemy fire.
Off image to the left: USA 37mm anti-tank gun ruined from rapid fire.

A third Stuart backed away hoping its frontal plate
and cover within Lagolago Village would help.

Meanwhile the rest of the American force withdrew.
Their destination? The capital of Desperatu Island. 


(1) Japanese infantry (no photos) led the way to Palopom Creek suffering casualties from hidden Stuart tank machine gun fire. Tanaka's armor relieved them, crossed the creek and drove into Lagolago Village as shown in our true story.

(2) American 37mm anti-tank guns normally throws 4x D6s. However, the choice was made to rapid fire doubling D6s to eight. Five ones resulted. Three were needed to overheat and ruin the barrel on its first fire of the game. Bad luck.

(3) We have had success with three Stuarts, one 37mm anti-tank gun plus a half track mounted with 75mm fending off  our seven Japanese tanks. Usually the IJA tanks suffer cruel losses. However, this is now a campaign. The half track with 75mm gun was destroyed at Port Morgan. And now the 37mm gun and two Stuarts are gone.

(4) American infantry and Filipino militia though present (hidden) did not factor in this engagement.

(5) The whole concept is imagineered. We used what we have in our collections and what is available. Old School thinking. If it helps, change the date to 1941.

(6) Thank you for looking in.

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  3. Nice looking game, like the imagination behind the campaign--well done!