Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hunter and Grandpa Bill's Expedition To

{Hidden Island}




Dave:  "Thar she be, Sirs. --- Isla Incognita." 

Dave: "Cloud covered as Pacific islands often are. 
Lucky for us the volcano is quiet.
But for how long?"

 Hunter:  "We headed toward our compelling adventure ashore."

Hunter:  "Take us close inshore Mr. Clarkson, if you please."
Mr. Clarkson:  "Aye Sir. Close inshore it will be."
Hunter  "We'll look for a good place to land and tie up the boat."


Dave:  "This looks like as good a place as any." 

Grandpa Bill:  "Hunter and I will reconnoiter a short distance inland."
Hunter:  "Just to see what there is near the coast."
Mr. Clarkson:  "Dave and I will remain here and guard the boat. --- Be careful."

 Hunter:  "We had not gone far inland when we saw an extraordinary sight."

Hunter:  "An indigenous native village."
Grandpa Bill:  "Looks like they are preparing for a ritualistic ceremony."

Hunter:  "We must not interrupt them."
Grandpa Bill:  "Yes. That's the courteous thing to do and safe for us too."

Hunter:  "So we skirted around the village to the right."
Grandpa Bill:  "We discovered a clear and fast flowing stream."
Hunter:  "A prodigious bridge of palm logs crossed it."
Grandpa Bill:  "I think we should return to the boat for now."

Meanwhile unbeknownst to our intrepid explorers....

Dave and Mr. Clarkson spotted....

Native canoes headed for the boat and fast too!




Thursday, April 6, 2017

Japanese Attack Clark Air Field

Date: December 8, 1941 (April 5, 2017 Weeknight Game)
Location: Clark Air Field, Luzon, Philippines
Situation: Japanese Aircraft Surprise Clark Field

Several regional gamers have WWII Commonwealth, Japanese and USA air (1:285-300), land (28mm) and naval (1:2400) forces for the Pacific Theatre. So --- here we go with our first story.


A6M2 Mitsubishi Zeros fly at treetop level.

A lone USA anti-aircraft battery opens up without effect.

WWII commences in the Philippines. 
It was a forlorn hope the Japanese would never attack. 

B-17s in the upper left are preparing for a mission as the attack comes in.

 P40Es were based to the south at Nichol's Field near Manila.

P40Bs were based at Iba.

The Bettys doggedly flew to the B-17s bombing and strafing the latter destroying two and heavily damaging a third.They with Nomura's Zeros successfully fought off intercepting P40s.

As the Japanese turn to return to base only two of six P40s are still engaged. Both are pursing Betty bombers, one of which on the far left has lost an engine


1) Vegetation mats simulating the jungle canopy came from Michael's Craft Stores. Buildings are GHQ as are many of the aircraft. Matt and John provided all Japanese aircraft. Matt also brought B-17s. All were beautifully painted. Vegetation and runways are Chuck's or inspired by him.

2) Rules? Well we use a private home-brewed hybrid of Bag The Hun. Aircraft bases are from Check Your Six though we don't use dial readings on them.

3) Japanese Pilots: John B. and Chuck L. 

4) USA Pilots: Matt L. and yours truly Bill P.

5) Wagner was a pilot and became the first American ACE of WWII in the Philppines in 1942. All other names are fictitious. The scenario is adapted from historical events - imagineered. 

5) There is a South Pacific Campaign brewing. Perhaps the above could serve as a prelude to those future game activities.

6) We had fun. --- Your swell remarks are welcome at Comments below.  Sayōnara.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 NEWS

Dateline: January 25, 2017
The story about von Stiehl's Expedition to mysterious Isla Incognita is on hold.
Reason: The camera memory chip can no longer be read by my photo program.The plan is to take it to a store which apparently can retrieve images onto a disk. Hence, photos needed to resume the previous story are in limbo.

Come back soon to experience thrilling adventures on these electronic pages where prodigious danger lurks in the jungle, the deserted village and the enigmatic temple. Here is one more photo for your imagination!

What exhortation is being heard in Isla Incognita's interior?