Monday, October 28, 2019

2nd Port Moresby Air Raid

New Guinea Campaign
Mission: Link air, naval and land action in a campaign context
Game #2
October 24, 1942/2019
Japanese 2nd Wave Air Attack On Port Moresby, New Guinea

Port Moresby Aerodrome and harbour before the first Japanese air attacks yesterday.

Port Moresby Radio Broadcast:
According to a spokesman at Royal Australian Air Force {RAAF} Headquarters....

One day after the first Japanese air attack versus fuel installations at Port Moresby, a second wave hit the port on October 24, 1942. Three Val dive bombers and one Betty medium bomber escorted by three Zeroes again approached from the north heading for the harbour.

Three Hurricanes and one P-40E all newly arrived that morning from outlying airfields immediately scrambled to intercept. American Captain Murtz pitched into the Vals significantly damaging two of them. These turned about retreating north returning to their base before dropping ordnance.

Australian Hurricanes assisted before encountering the Zero escort. We regret to inform our listeners that all four Allied aircraft were shot down by the Zeroes. 

Surviving by bailing out were RAAF Captain Grandmaison and Lieutenant Smith-White. Sadly Sergeant Flint was lost when his Hurricane exploded. American Captain Murtz was also lost when his P-40E exploded.

Two surviving bombers flew on to their targets. Shaken, their aim caused minimal damage.
Each bomber threw 1D6 for damage. Ones resulted each time.
Buel Fuel tanks hit yesterday are still blazing from the attack yesterday.

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Second Wave Pilots:
Japanese: Dave G. (Bombers) and John B. (Zeroes)
Allied: Greg B. (USA) and Bill P. (RAAF)

We gamed two air games on consecutive evenings. This gave the feel of two wave attacks allowing more of our local pilots a chance to fly. I think we will follow this pattern again. Stimulating and fun.

Campaign Point Totals Are Tracked Below:

Japanese Point Score October 23: 
4x Allied Fighters Shot Down: 7
2x Fuel Tanks Fully Destroyed: 16
1x Fuel Tank 50% Destroyed: 4 
Other Targets Insignificant Damage: 4 -4 = 0
Total: 27

Allied Point Score October 23:
1x Japanese Betty Bomber Shot Down: 4
Enemy Bombers Forced Home Before Bombing: 0
Allied Pilots Recovered: 3 (1x Veteran)
Total: 7


Japanese Point Score October 24: 
4x Allied Fighters Shot Down: 7
Fuel Tanks Fully Destroyed: 0
Fuel Tanks 50% Destroyed: 0 
Other Targets Insignificant Damage: 2 -2 = 0
Total: 7

Allied Point Score October 23: 
0x Japanese Bombers Shot Down: 0
2x Enemy Bombers Forced Home Before Bombing: 10
Allied Pilots Recovered: 6 (2 Veterans) 
Total: 16

Campaign Points Total:
Japan: 34
Allies: 23

Next Things
Allies need new air to air tactics even with higher Japanese skills in the scenario.
We forgot that tight turns break up formations. Need to remember this next time.
Allied Air Attacks versus the Lae, New Guinea Japanese Fighter Base
Coral Sea Naval Battle
Japanese Army Offensives: Location dependent on Coral Sea.
Plus whatever else may come to mind.

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