Sunday, March 29, 2020

BRACE UP --- by General Pettygree

A General Pettygree Short Story

Welcome to our first dramatic short story, Brace Up. This one occurs on Desperatu Island. You will not find it on any navigation chart nor within the archives of The Explorer's Club or National Geographic Society. I speculate its beaches ring the top of a volcanic mount somewhere within a triangle formed by New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Bismarck Sea. We can't be certain.

Behind me is the formerly idyllic Village of Pongolongo. You will understand why it no longer is a tropical paradise in a moment.

Suffice to say perseverance and the stubborn "can do spirit" of those soon to counterattack here are going to be severely  tested versus the successful juggernaut bent on conquering Oceania; in this case, Desperatu Island. Our serialized drama commences with....


"Tenent' Arthur,  my Pongolongo Village sleeps. Few guards."
"Alright Kolamantu."

"The entrance is just around this hedge to the left."
"Quiet Sir! --- Look."

"That sentry is coming our way and...."

"Now there are two guards. Worse and worse."
"Down men. Quietly."

"Freeze lads. They're looking our way."

Minutes later the two walked away in different directions.

"Kolamantu. Here's your chance. Take out that first bloke."  

"Kolamanatu ready. Avenge Pongolongo." 

"He got 'im Sir without a sound."

"Right. --- You know your individual jobs. Sticky bombs through the open windows. Then run back to the rendezvous point. --- Good hunting men. --- Rise up. --- In we go!"

Explosions promptly consumed two of the four huts with shocking violence.

"Well done men. Let's get out of here. Steady on."
"Lieutenant Arthur. Will the Japanese pursue?"
"What do you think Donald?"
"Well Sir, we couldn't get them all. Too many of 'em."

"Take cover. Machine gun fire com'n in! Crikey!"


Coming soon:  Chapter 2 --- Pursued Into Darkness

Meanwhile, "Brace Up!"

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