Monday, May 10, 2021



Date: August 1939 --- 15 May 2021
Adaptation: Khalkhin Gol Campaign NW Sector
Location: Huay Heights, Eastern Mongolia
Circumstances: Soviets vs Japanese
Miniatures: 28mm - We Use What We Have
Rules: Home
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"The Japanese and Soviets have sparred across this area for months. It appears we've arrived in time for the finish and a singularly different Battlestory for my readers." 

"I see little value here for them to spill blood and expend resources. This vast grassland is almost empty of everything."

"Aye Grandmaison but the Japanese desire to defend their Manchukuo protectorate to the east. More important is their prodigious fear that the Communist socialist movement will eventually reach Japan. This way they fight the Reds here instead of militarily and culturally in the home islands."

"I understand General; the principle of keeping the enemy busy far from home." 

"Most of Europe is similarly alarmed about the Communist menace Lieutenant."

"We have only to be reminded of thirty Ukrainian millions starved to death and imprisoned when Stalin eliminated small farms to create state-run collectives. Intellectuals, teachers and religious disappeared too in other parts of the Soviet Union when they expressed free thought and opposition. The Red Army suffered a great purge as well decimating the officer corps. Most Communists are godless and so --- brutality in this life has no consequence in the next because for them, it does not exist."

"We can be very thankful the Japanese are engaging the Soviets here. This way they will be less able to foment and support their principles even in our own country." 

"Here is General Ishigura, Sir."

"My compliments General Ishigura. I am honoured to be invited to view and report the singular events to the world you expect will occur soon."

"General Pettygree. No, it is my honour. In fact the new Communist commander, Zhukov, has launched his offensive southeast of our location. We hold the northwest flank to prevent our Main Army from being turned. We can discuss this later."

"Meanwhile, I would be further honoured if you would share a welcoming drink in that wretched hovel you just rode by. I apologize. It is all there is in this wilderness."

"Of Course. Grandmaison, let's dismount."

"Sirs, excuse me, if you please, but look eastwards. Something is afoot."

All turned to observe....

Japanese infantry rushing forward along a primitive path while....

Beyond them other infantry was ordered to kneel apparently to hide out of sight while the crew of a nearby anti-tank gun began loading vigorously. The reason?

A Soviet reconnaissance force appeared and began to ascend the Huay Heights.

"Fire on my command!"


"You missed." 

"Reload and fire again." But....

The Reds found out what they wanted to know; that a Japanese force occupied the height. This news needed to be reported and so the armoured car and BT-7 tank turned about and raced away covered by their own dust and the smoke of a parting shot. The latter harmlessly sailed over the anti-tank gun.

"Alright then. General Pettygree, let's have that welcoming drink and afterwards adjourn to the height. We have time for more of our forces to arrive and dig in before the Communists appear in force."


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Pard Jim H. asked that we have a tabletop game featuring Soviet and Japanese forces in Mongolia. Adapting the Huay (sp?) Battle seemed best given our resources. Actually I had to imagineer everything! The latter is cheerfully very old school. The game is scheduled for 15 May 2021. I dearly regret still limiting the number of participants to four friends.

It appears the region was almost entirely steppe; grassland for miles in every direction except for probably sparse and stunted trees near streams.

The Japanese historically were mortified that Communism would enter and overwhelm their culture. Indeed, their surrender in 1945 though stimulated by two atomic bombs was made certain when Stalin attacked Manchukuo and could not be stopped that August.

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