Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Brace Up! --- Back To The Bridge

A General Pettygree Short Story

Enjoy historical miniatures in story

Chapter 1 --- Night Attack
Lt. Arthur's surprise attack on the foe newly posted in Pongolongo Village, Desperatu Island.

Chapter 2 --- Pursued Into Darkness
Arthur is vigorously chased and pinned at the Turawa Stream.

And now --- our shocking climax!

Chapter 3 --- Back To The Bridge
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Following Lieutenant Arthur's surprise night attack upon the Japanese garrison in Pongolongo, his Australian militia detachment was vigorously pursued by a highly motivated fast-moving foe.

It was no good continuing up the mountain trail. He had to stop and fight his nimble opponents lest he be overrun. Arthur therefore resolved to defend the north bank of the Turawa Stream. Then whilst the enemy crossed, he would destroy them beneath the illumination of a full moon.

Later the Turawa would be crossed by this atrophied rope bridge to reach a mountain top base camp farther up the mountain. 

Let's see what happened, shall we?
The expected firefight is already underway.

"Fire into the brush across the stream. Hiroshi, more ammunition!"

"He can't. He's dead. Oh Hiroshi!"

"Keep firing. Pin them down."

"When will Captain Shimoda's detachment arrive?"

"It just did. Look behind you."

"Eat and drink something. We'll be in action soon when a ford is found to get around the enemy flank. Lt. Kymatsu's men will keep the Australians engaged to make our crossing easy."

"Is the map useful Captain?"

"No. We'll just wait for a scout to bring the news we need." 

"Here comes Sanada now."


"Hai! Fujimoro and I found an unguarded ford on the enemy left flank. He waits for us there. I can show you the way."

Fujimoro silently watches the far bank....

"Soon joining his comrades fording the Turawa south to north."

Daylight Recon Photo

Turawa North Bank

Australian Right Flank

"Sir. Sims is in a bad way. I'll carry him back to the big rock."

"Very well. --- Stay low men. Fire at their flashes."

The Center
"They're com'n Harry." 


Left Flank

Within minutes Australian and native casualties rose alarmingly. Somehow enemy bullets found targets reducing Arthur's detachment by nearly half. He next ordered everyone to fall back to a rock outcropping to reorganize. 

"Set up left and right of the rock. Stay low, quiet and alert." 

"Hopefully this hard cover will change our luck." 

"What is it Bob?"

"Lieutenant, this won't do. Harry's down-trail saying he hears breaking branches. The Japanese are coming. We don't stand a chance here."

"Right you are. Back to the bridge everyone. Best speed possible." 

"Tenent. No time left. Get across. I cut ropes. Hurry!"

"Sir! Here they come!"

Shimoda's Detachment appeared from the left screaming, "Banzai!"

As Lieutenant Kymatsu's men hurried forward from the right bellowing the same cry from ten enraged throats.

"This is it chaps. Make 'em pay. Fire!"

"Pour it into 'em!"

"The bloody moon's  blacked out by clouds. Now's our chance to escape across the bridge!"

"Hold your place Harry. We'll never make it. The light'll be back in seconds. --- It's com'n back now."

"We need a miracle or we're all dead."

"Crikey! Warriors from Pongolongo have come to our rescue."

"The Princess herself is directing the attack." 

"Damn it Harry! Shut up an' keep shooting. This ain't over."

"I can't believe it. More warriors are com'n from the right...."

"Carry'n wicked spears."

 "Ulanga! (Shoot!)


Fired upon from the flank and front became too much especially after Captain Shimoda was hit.

"Look at 'em run!"

To the right, surprised from the rear, Lieutenant Kymatsu's exhausted men flooded back down the mountain too.


Japanese Base at Pongolongo

"Both detachments have returned to base. Pursuit of the raiders was difficult due to darkness, unfamiliar terrain and the intervention of islanders attacking our flanks. Casualties were light. Captain Shimoda thought lost is recovering from arrow and bullet wounds. Lieutenant Meada, commanding, requests orders."

Base Camp Atop Mount Desperatu

"Colonel Powell, we need to get Arthur's men down the mountain for better medical care than we can offer here."

"That's in train Doctor. Islanders will carry 'em down tomorrow."

"Well done men. Thank you! You bloodied the enemy, stopped them cold with our native friends and scared them back down to Pongolongo. They won't be back this way anytime soon."

"Confusion to the enemy Colonel!"

"That's the right of it, Harry. Now get some rest."


Thank you for looking in my dear chaps. We hope you enjoyed our first short story, BRACE UP! God willing we will be back again with another drama from a different time and location. 

Meanwhile, brace up and....

Please do let Bill and I know what you think about this first three-chapter historical miniatures Short Story at comments below.

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