Saturday, November 2, 2019

Allied Recon Mission to Lae, New Guinea

New Guinea Campaign
Mission: Link air, naval and land action in a campaign and story context

November 2, 1942/2019
Recon Mission To Lae, New Guinea

"Coming out of that cloud cover to the east on the deck should keep 'em guessing, Mac." 

"Yeah, Skipper, I hope they will be looking high for us when we make our low pass over Lae."

"Hot dog, Everett. Nobody home at the Japanese fighter base except that crashed Betty."

"Yeah, Mac. Ya' know what that means? The Zeros are either on their way to or coming back from raiding our guys at Port Moresby."

"There's the Markham River entrance and harbor." I'm gonna bank to the right as we take a look and then head as fast as we can north out to sea."

"Flying low Skipper seems to be working. Nobody is shooting at us yet."

"Hey, maybe the Japanese have all gone home, Everett. Nothing down there either."

"Nah, they are just out for a sail is all; relaxing. They'll be back soon enough. Okay now.... Out to sea at wave top height and then a wide turn back to Port Moresby."

"Sparks, send encoded news back to base. "Lae airfield and harbor empty."


The table is set for two Allied air raids scheduled for the evenings of November 6-7, 2019.
Doing these on consecutive evenings gives the feel of daily and connected missions. Also these are small games needing only 4-5 pilots. Gaming on two evenings affords opportunities for more of our local pilots to fly.

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