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Date: March 1937/2019
Location: Fictional Desperatu Island, Philippines
Situation: Plan Orange Land Action
Scenario: Japanese Invasion and USA Defense

Plan Orange
The USA and The Empire of Japan had a contingency plan to go to war versus each other in the 1930s. Our what-if finds a build up of naval, amphibious and land forces in The West Central Pacific.

Orange #1
Last October we fought the opening naval battle as Orange #1 solely using warships northwest of The Philippines. Naval air power was not part of the plan. Understanding it's potency was still in the future. The IJN won a resounding victory.

Orange #2
Given the IJN naval win, the next part of their strategic plan was the occupation of The Philippines. The following tells part of that story.

Port Morgan, Desperatu Island, The Philippines

Japanese Right Flank

After repositioning and being reinforced at night....
The IJA rushed the center building but was repulsed with heavy loss.
The 37mm anti-tank gun was cut down before it fired in support.
This area then stalemated.

Nearby reserves fired in support of the IJA left flank.

Japanese Left Flank

Fresh reserves arriving before sunrise deployed to rush
the enclosure ahead of them.

The Americans held the wall thinly.
Photo courtesy of Dave G.

More men were stationed inside the building.
Photo courtesy of Dave G.

The IJA trotted swiftly forward according to doctrine.

And soon were along the north wall.
American defenders had fallen back from indirect shell fire.

While IJA reserves waited for their moment.

The Americans retired having lost more than 50%.
Forward! --- Into the enclosure! --- Faster!

American reserves appeared trying to stop the IJA advance.
The 37mm anti-tank gun rapid fired into the IJA scout car destroying it.
Fortunately the barrel did not melt.

But another rush forced them to limber....

And retreat down the street

Only to be fired upon by IJA right flank units.
The 37mm gun crew was taken out of action
as were some men in the Universal Carrier.

After two hours of mid-week evening gaming, we needed to call a halt.
The USA held only the southeast portion of Port Morgan.

In the harbor the SS Theodore Roosevelt
and a motor launch had by then departed.

Where to?

Someplace else to fight again!

Back ashore....
Captain Shimoda and Lieutenant Kondo conferred along the seawall.

"The Americans and Filipinos fought well."
"Hai, [yes] Kondo. We can hope they will fully abandon Port Morgan now."
But, they will dishonour themselves not fighting to the last man!

"I think not. It's more important we open the port for our needs."

Meanwhile, to the south....
"New orders sir. A Japanese tank platoon will be here in the morning.
Estimated seven tracks coming in fast.
We are to pull out immediately heading south."

"Give my response, wilco.
Saddle up!"

The column formed to the south on the road out of Port Morgan.

Nearly ready to move out.

The rear guard.

"See 'em Charlie?"
"Nah Sarge. They ain't com'n."

"Alright Tom, get 'er started. Time to go."
"Hey Major!"
"What is it Red?"
"We was defeated sure, but not humiliated, eh!"
"Right you are."

Next Morning --- Port Morgan

Intel. was spot on.

Seven tracks.

Four HA GO Light and
three CHI HA Medium tanks. 

 Trundled into Port Morgan.

 Stopping at the intersection.

 "Where are the Americans?"

 "They retreated to the south down this road."

"See you soon Yanks."

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(1) Day 5 was fought after work on March 20, 1937/2019 by Dave G (IJA), Bill K.  (USA) and yours truly Bill P. (USA).

(2) Home Rules.

(3) See the previous story for Days 1-4 on Desperatu Island.

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  3. Spectacular and splendid pictures, what a great looking game!!

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