Thursday, February 1, 2024

M3 Gun Motor Carriage Crew


In the previous General Pettygree Battlestory, Stop Them *, our Luzon Hit and Run Game we did not have artillerymen for our two USA Corgi diecast M3 Gun Motor Carriages with 75mm cannons. One source somewhere said the cannons were French. This vehicle also saw service in North Africa, Italy and 1944 France

One lone infantry manned each one. Previous games had none. A bother.

Perry's 28mm Miniatures WW46 set has crewmen in the old style USA helmet that hopefully would be close enough to resemble 1941 Americans or Philippine Scouts. I ordered them too late for the Luzon Game. However five days afterwards, here they are.

Each set contains six crewmen plus discarded powder casings seen on the left and....

A pile of active shells. The latter in WWII images found on the internet show very long shells dark in color with probably brass tips carried in the back of the halftrack.

The crew are slim enough to fit inside the 1:50 scale halftracks. One crew has khaki trousers and olive drab shirts. The other crew has a reversed color scheme.

That's all folks. Thank you for looking in.
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