Monday, February 5, 2024

Luzon Retreat by Gen. Pettygree


5 February, 2024/1941

"General Wainwright ordered our Filipino and USA forces to retreat from the Rosario Battle of 27 January. Lt. Briggs' new aerial photos are available for your Battlestory, General Pettygree."

For the main battle see: 

"The column formed up outside Rosario, the 26th Philippine Scout Cavalry leading."

"Followed by our remaining infantry screened by Filipino Guerillas on the flank"

Red circles are appearance points for the USAFFE. See the link above.

"Philippine Scout Infantry led the Main Body protected by...."

"The Rear Guard, two Stuart Tanks and two M3 Gun Motor Carriages with 75mm Cannons keeping the Japanese...."

"From getting much closer."

"We intercepted this broken Japanese Report from General Itaki."

"...honor to report repelling....attack....Rosario.... Pursuit not.... I...resume march...tomorrow. One day delay."

"That's all we know from Airman Briggs, General MacArthur."

"Very good, General Pettygree."

1. Three more turns were played solo on the 2nd. instant. There was no stopping the Japanese juggernaut. The photo of their infantry was only part of the story. A Banzai charge caved in the USAFFE left flank. They retained all artillery assets including four tanks and controlled Route 3 to Manilla. Their cavalry controlled the bridge leading south supported by infantry and a tank.

2. Revised Game Point Totals: USAFFE 60 compared to the IJA's 65.

3. Adding new losses and if we restore the following special scoring points, then:
USAFFE 60 + 6 for the likelihood of leaving the table before 4pm = 66.
IJA 65 -7 for shoving the USAFFE off the table and -7 for controlling Rte. 3 = 51.
Therefore, the IJA won in extra innings. (Lowest Score wins.)

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