Saturday, July 2, 2022


Location: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Date: July 1942 (2022)
Situation: Japanese Air Attack on Port Moresby
Rules: Foundationally "Bag The Hun" With Home Rule Variants 
Miniatures: We Use What We Have --- Geography Is Imagineered
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Tabletop game background scheduled for 9 July 2022.

Brisbane, Australia

"Right on time General."

"Welcome to Brisbane, General MacArthur."

"Thank you General Pettygree."

"Would you honour us by inspecting our Royal Australian Naval Honour Guard? Afterwards it is only a short drive into the city and your new headquarters."

"Present Arms!"

"Well turned out. Thank you."

"Your staff, I believe you call them the Bataan Gang, has not arrived. Meanwhile, I can give you a briefing as of this morning from Port Moresby." 

"Do so."

"The enemy holds the northeast coast of New Guinea. Our PBYs report significant build-ups. An inevitable move south by air and land assets across the Owen Stanley Mountains against Port Moresby is therefore expected any day.

"We have limited numbers blocking the Kokoda Track. It's the only way to Port Moresby. All dense jungle. Flights of Hurricanes and your P-40Bs are now on station. That's all we know right now."

"More is en-route to help.We'll see them off." 

Kokoda Jungle Track, Owen Stanley Mountains
North of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
1/144th Regiment

"Not much of a trail, Captain Okumiya"

"Hai (yes), Lieutenant Ogawa, and visibility is what, one to two meters? Take your company south until you contact the Australians. I will follow with the rest of the battalion. Force the enemy back and we'll push hard for Port Moresby."

"I hope we will receive air reconnaisance reports soon, Sir."

"It doesn't matter now. The important thing is to get to Port Moresby. That's when we'll need good reports and tactical air support."

Japanese Air Reconnaisance Above Port Moresby

West Bay, Seaplane Base

Port Moresby Ahead

East Bay Harbour Facilities --- Banking For Home

Two Merchant Ships

The Kokoda Track --- Rising To The Owen Stanley Mountains


1. Six to seven friends are expected to fly on 9 July to attack and defend Port Moresby.

2. Your remarks are welcome as usual.


  1. Another excellent post. I do like the way you have taken the photos. The scenes in the Kokodo trail really give off a claustrophobic jungle feel and the lush greenery is most effective. Excellent story telling and scene setting. I look forward to hearing how the game goes.
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. Thank you Alan!
    I appreciate your remarks and your taking the time to post them.
    Bill P.