Friday, January 31, 2020

Australian Counterattack Prelude at Milne Bay, New Guinea

New Guinea Campaign From The Studio of General Pettygree
Mission: Link air, naval and land action in a campaign and story context
"The currency of friendship is time."   Dr. Mark Miravale.

Game #8

February 1, 1942/2020
Australians Counterattack 
The Japanese Foothold at Milne Bay, New Guinea


"Colonel Ballard, Sir, Major Duncan just checked in. He reports, the Japanese remain under cover east of the native village and behind the beaches north of Milne Bay. They're waiting for us sure."

"That's why we need more information before we attack in the morning. I hope Flight Officer Horne and his two Gloster Gladiators will scare 'em up."

 "Tell Major Duncan...."

"The Glosters are on the way to look for the enemy and to not shoot at them!
Repeat it twice!" 

 "Joey Flight to Mama Roo. We have the village in sight and are going in."

"Joey Flight. This is mum. Acknowledged and good hunting."

"We'll find out what you want so you can turn them into shark biscuits.
Joey Flight out." 

"Alright Riley, follow me down and stay with me.
Look to your front and right. 
I'll look to my front and to the left."

"No enemy fighters in sight Sir. I wish we were flying Kitthawks though."

"Don't worry mate, she'll be right.
Now cut the chatter. Down we go."


Wish 'em luck boys! --- at Remarks below.

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