Thursday, December 5, 2019

Coral Sea Naval Battle Pre-Game Briefing 2

New Guinea Campaign

Mission: Link air, naval and land action in a campaign and story context
Game Date: December 7, 1942/2019
Arrival: 9:00-10:00 am
Flight School: 9:15-9:30 am (New pilots + refresher for others if needed)
Lunch: Noonish
Game End: 4:00 pm Turn In Progress or sooner
If anyone needs to be excused, please let us know asap

Okay Mac, we've spotted 'em. Radio the Lexington.

Right Everett. That's one fleet carrier, two cruisers and four destroyers southbound 150 miles east of Rossel Island. I wonder where the second reported carrier is though.

Get that message sent Mac before we have company. We're getting out of here pronto.

Meanwhile, a float plane from one of the IJN Crusiers spotted the Lexington's Task Force.

Far to the westward a Japanese Army observation plane poked into Milne Bay on the extreme eastern tip of New Guinea.

The Japanese will be sending Bettys to Milne Bay to prevent Allied aircraft there interdicting the invasion force when it rounds the bottom of New Guinea to land troops at Port Moresby.
Reason: We have thirteen participants needing more ergonomic space to reduce people crowding.
Two Japanese and one Allied pilot are needed for Milne Bay.

That is all.
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