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15,000 Miles From The Past {6}

Date: January ??, 1938
Location: Inland on Isla Incognita
Situation: Day 4 Ashore On The Island
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Important Suggestion: Reread Chapter 5 Day 2 Ashore On The Island here:
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Toward the end of the second day ashore, the expedition reached its destination; the volcanic cave von Stiehl explored twenty years ago. Hoping its staggering contents still remained within, a party was sent below to reconnoiter. Later, Obergefreiter Glatzeder was first to reappear saying, "We found the objects. They are uncountable." Von Stiehl then ordered as much as possible to be brought up. Later....

What is the trouble Messmer?

Herr von Stiehl! The objects, the treasure I mean, are huge. At most only one item can be carried at a time. I never imagined the possibility of pearls and jewels of such a great size. All of them are holed for the passage of rope. We are going to be rich! It reminds me of jewelry sir.

Hard to know Messmer. Carry on.

Von Recker, have Kuhlm radio the transport ship offshore. Tell the captain to row in the native bearers we brought from Malabascar. Then radio the Northwest Bay Camp to escort them here. You will take a party meeting them half way for further protection. Afterwards we'll carry as much treasure back as we can.


Major von Recker. Assemble everyone for the return to the camp at Northwest Bay. 

Alright Peter. It's time to leave this place. Let's get the men in marching order.

Herr Major. Do you think we still have the firepower to keep attackers at bay?

Ja. I do. It's the natives I worry about most - should they bolt. 

Soon everyone began assembling for the march though it took longer for the natives to organize.

Kapitan Neumann: "Dummkopf, --- YOU --- come this way! "

In no time the treasure cave and it's jungle camouflage was left behind.

An advance guard preceded....

The main body which.... 

Bypassed an ominous island totem on the ridge they ascended. The cave is off image within the jungle at the upper left.

During the march, von Recker's prediction about expedition firepower mostly came true. He could never believe nor know that mysterious island forces were doubling efforts to confound the mission.

Ulanga Ropen. (Release the Ropens.) Ulanga tapinga! (Release everything!)

Kava mui Pinga. (It is done magnificent Queen)

It started slowly with a bipedal monitor. Though shockingly fast, it was shot down.

A flock of flightless cassowaries obeyed the mui Pinga to protect their territory.

Though they got close, they too had no chance versus modern firepower.

Wild boars then stampeded into the column to be killed within an eyelash of maiming someone.

Indigenous warriors showed themselves. Yet they remembered losses from the first two days of the invasion. They retreated back into the bush to observe and wait for a later advantage.

The column became disordered.

The pace picked up.

Then another wild boar succeeded in goring two bearers before shots ended it's life.

The head of the column reached the stream. On the other side was the safety of the Main Camp.

Some took satisfaction that only a few men had been lost until....

 Men began screaming and dropping because....

Giant bats suddenly descended upon them. More fell and panic struck the column. Men raced for the river and presumed safety on the opposite bank.

On the other side survivors were put into order so as to not march shamefully into camp.

The camp and Northwest Bay in the distance relieved everyone's morale.

Safety surely. This way men!

But the mui Pinga's Ropen had another idea as it veered away from the camp. No one saw her. They were too busy hurrying into camp. At any rate, she would not hunt now. In the light of day she was too visible and vulnerable. At night however, in her nocturnal element, only a minimal bio-luminescence could give her away. Who would notice or understand dull illuminations silently flying, soaring, gliding and diving against a background of stars? Would you? --- Until terrified screams and wild shots started!


1) Previous chapters provide information about terrain and miniatures. One new item is our Ropen. She is  manufactured by Schleich, magnificently engineered and named Quetzalcoatlus.

2) This was our third game on Isla Incognita. Rules continue to be Astounding Tales by the very entertaining, brilliant and clever Howard Whitehouse. Fun, easy and adaptable. Players in this game were:

Seated left to right: Don D. and John B. Standing left to right are Chuck L. and Bill P.- me.

3) The four of us encourage you to place your remarks below at Comments. Won't you?
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  1. Visually so very appealing. I sure hope they don't find themselves "Lost" on the island.

  2. Great as always, Bill. I am seriously considering trying to rope my locals into some kind of Pulp Gaming.


  3. Super! I'm looking forward to cheering on the beastie!


  4. Bill,
    I fondly remember this game!
    Don D.

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    1. Thank you Michael, Dan, Jim and Don for taking the time to write. I appreciate it.
      For our regional pards, Chuck is thinking about having a large PULP game at my place in 2015. We'll let everyone know. Meanwhile, everyone should be looking up into the night sky for bio-luminescence.
      Bill P